Workshop on Peace Pedagogy

Workshop on Peace Pedagogy
Photo by Jonathan Meyer / Unsplash

The event

The Workshop on Peace Pedagogy, scheduled for April 4, 2024 (time and location tbd) on the Kennesaw campus, offers an engaging exploration of language pedagogy and social justice issues in the L2 classroom. Dr. Illana Mahiques, a distinguished scholar-educator at Cornell University, draws from extensive projects and publications.

Peace Pedagogy

Peace Pedagogy, in general, is an educational approach that emphasizes teaching strategies and practices that contribute to the development of a culture of peace. It involves fostering understanding, tolerance, and empathy, aiming to address conflicts nonviolently and promote a sense of global citizenship. In the context of language pedagogy, Peace Pedagogy may involve incorporating themes of peace, social justice, and inclusivity into language learning materials and activities.

Participants can anticipate gaining insights into effective language teaching methodologies that align with principles of peace and social justice, enriching their approach to language education with a broader perspective. Dr. Illana Mahiques' expertise and focus on these themes promise a valuable and enlightening experience for educators, students, and practitioners interested in the intersection of language pedagogy and peace-building.

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